Revamping Democracy

The EU Democracy Rally is a platform supporting people of all ages in their active citizenship. As partner organisations from all over Europe, we developed a training programme helping all of us hone our democracy skills and fine-tune our projects of social and political change. Join our communities and contribute to the revamping of our European democracy!
The aim of the project is to support citizens of all ages and young people in particular in the further development of our democracies. We aim to enhance the direct participation of citizens in our democracies and help our societies focus on the ecological transition, the reduction of inequalities, and the improvement of the general quality of life. We strive to contribute to these goals on a transnational level, making our democracies fit for the 21st century.

The EU Democracy Rally is a powerful platform that serves as a beacon for our shared European values. It offers a unique opportunity for participants to not only reflect on these principles but also engage in constructive debates and examinations of how to effectively translate these values into practice.

At its core, this rally is a catalyst for civic engagement. It empowers individuals to form Citizen Action Groups, which act as dynamic agents of change by initiating campaigns and projects centered around pressing public concerns and the greater good. What sets this initiative apart is its ability to foster collaboration among groups tackling similar issues in different regions. This synergy amplifies their impact and extends their outreach, reinforcing the notion that together, we are stronger.

The essence of the EU Democracy Rally lies in its grassroots approach. It’s an instrument that empowers a diverse array of European citizens and residents, transcending barriers of nationality, age, socio-economic status, and cultural backgrounds. This inclusivity is a testament to the rally’s commitment to ensuring every voice is heard and every perspective considered. It serves as a platform where individuals can come together, unite around a shared vision, and collectively advocate for the change they want to see in their communities and countries.

One of the rally’s key strengths is its ability to harness the rich tapestry of skills and knowledge that participants bring to the table. By encouraging a wide variety of skill sets and backgrounds, it becomes an ideal vehicle for promoting social inclusion. Young and old, tech-savvy and traditional, people from all walks of life join forces in a positive, unifying challenge. Together, they create impactful campaigns that address the complex issues facing our societies.

Moreover, the EU Democracy Rally stays at the forefront of progress by continuously incorporating cutting-edge developments in technology and artificial intelligence. It recognizes that technology is a powerful tool for active participation and democracy. For instance, the rally incorporates activities related to artificial intelligence in the context of elections and democracy. Participants are not only encouraged to leverage these new digital tools to enhance the reach of their campaigns but also to critically examine the potential pitfalls and ethical considerations associated with such technology. This forward-thinking approach ensures that the rally remains relevant and adaptive in an ever-changing world.

In essence, the EU Democracy Rally stands as a shining example of how a bottom-up, inclusive, and technologically forward approach can invigorate democracy, promote collaboration, and empower individuals to be active agents of change in our ever-evolving European landscape. It embodies the spirit of unity and progress, and its impact reverberates far beyond the confines of its events, resonating in the hearts and minds of all those who participate.

Flyer of the first Democracy Rally in Luxembourg

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