Mindgame on the future

The future is being prepared by large tech and medical companies and other actors, mostly behind closed walls. Citizens are consumers of the changes. If we would like to have our say, the most effective way may be to try to anticipate possible developments and debate whether they are desirable before they become a reality.

  • Developing the capacity to imagine the future
  • Considering developments which have already started and their possible implications
  • Discussions about the ways in which citizens worldwide can shape future developments in technology, medicine, science, and also with regard to climate change and other major challenges
  • Conceptualisation of future governance
  • Development of knowledge about technology and global phenomena
  • Discussion about global political priorities.
  • Imagination & Creativity
  • Deliberation
  • Assessment of overall priorities

Timeframe: 90 minutes


12-15 (adapted version)

6-50 (ideal size 10-30)