Decoding – Discovering the place of democracy in your environment

 – To enable a group to discover an environment and local cultures in a collective and participative way

– To awaken people’s curiosity by letting them be the actors of their discovery

– To tackle a subject such as democracy through the public space 

– Strengthen the group dynamic 

  • Strengthening sensitivity for the other in intercultural work
  • Discovering the place of democracy in one’s everyday environment 
  • To become aware of the choices of the organisation of public space

1. Present the theme of the decoding to the participants as well as the tasks to be carried out

2. Let the participants carry out their decoding in the city or territory of the exchange

3. Allow time for the participants to prepare the report on the analysis

4. Organise the debriefing and open a discussion on the effects of the debriefing 

As from 12 years old.

Group size: 10-30